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Khaiim the RapOet here! Thanks for stopping by my online home, where I shine and share the gift of positive rap poetry

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My new project "Self Control" is almost complete. Will you support it becoming a digital EP, an mp3 Album, a physical CD with a release party, or... a FULL TOUR featuring guest artists, workshops and press?

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Spots & Dates

3/12RapOetry Workshop(Private) Meriden, CT
3/17Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
3/18RapOetry Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
3/24Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
3/29 WRTC FM RadioHartford, CT and Web
3/31MC Battle JudgingTwo Rivers High Hartford, CT
3/31Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/6Judging Poetry Event(Private) Hartford, CT
4/7Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/7 International Hip-Hop FestTrinity College Hartford, CT
4/8National Poetry Month Show(Private) Hartford, CT
4/8 International Hip-Hop FestTrinity College Hartford, CT
4/9 International Hip-Hop FestTrinity College Hartford, CT
4/10 International Hip-Hop FestTrinity College Hartford, CT
4/12 WRTC FM RadioHartford, CT and Web
4/14Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/15Performance & Workshop(Private) West Cornwall,, CT
4/21Good Vibes Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/27RapOetry Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/28RapOetry Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
4/28Good Vibes Recording(Private) Hartford, CT
4/29 Webster's War of WordsTown Hall West Hartford, CT
5/4 Inspire HartfordXL Center Hartford, CT
5/5RapOetry Workshop(Private) Hartford, CT
5/7 Samba FestRiverfront Plaza Hartford, CT
5/9Youth Arts ShowcaseCharter Oak Temple Hartford
5/12Hosting Slam Competition(Private) Hartford, CT
5/13 CT ForumThe Bushnell Hartford, CT
6/27Leading PD for EducatorsNew Britain, CT
6/28Leading PD for EducatorsNew Britain, CT
6/29Leading PD for EducatorsNew Britain, CT
6/30Leading PD for EducatorsNew Britain, CT
7/5RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/6RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/7RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/8RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/11RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/12RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/13RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/14RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/15RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/18RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/19RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/20RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/21RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/22RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/25RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/25RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
7/26RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/26RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
7/27RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/27RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
7/28RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/28RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
7/29RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Haven, CT
7/29RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/1RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/2RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/3RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/4RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/5RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/8RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/9RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/10RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/11RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
8/12RapOetry Workshop(Private) New Britain, CT
9/10Hartford Jazz Society Cruisethe Connecticut River
10/8 Night FallElizabeth Park Hartford, CT


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Khaiim the RapOet makes over 300 appearances per year, reaching thousands of aspiring artists, students, and creative entrepreneurs through entertaining workshops, residencies, and performances. His busy schedule is motivated by a mission to help artists and entrepreneurs live a better life, and share their gifts with the world. He sometimes goes by the stage name Self Suffice, when credited in musical recordings and Inspiring live performances.

FUN FACT: He turned down a label deal from Def Jam to pursue a scholarship in Computer Science and learned to create his own music download software. Along with Mez of J. Cole's Dreamville/Roc Nation, he released an independent album, which rose to the top of the independent Hip-Hop Top 40 Charts

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Self Suffice the RapOet (Khaiim) is a popular host and poetic rap artist (MC), first booked by Eric Drooker (New Yorker Magazine) and Talib Kweli (Repeatedly Billboard's Top 5). After graduating from Stuyvesant (most coveted of NY's 9 specialized high schools), amidst a growing buzz in Manhattan’s Underground Hip-Hop scene, he declined a production deal with Def Jam, in favor of a scholarship to Trinity College. As a graduate looking for work, he continued to win rap battles, feature on Hip-Hop compilations, and DJ (as well as Music Direct) at 89.3FM WRTC in Hartford (Heart of the NY and New England Tri-States).

To share his success with others, while spreading Peace, Love, Unity, and a Sense of fun, the RapOet transitioned from battling other MCs (putting them down) to hosting showcases and open mics (lifting them up)

His insightful, positive, and energetic live shows have been booked by, and featured alongside, the most inspiring wordsmiths of our time, from Talib Kweli to KRS-ONE; from Jessica Care Moore to Alice Walker. Besides “wowing” crowds with both Rap and Spoken Word lyrics (hence the name “RapOet”), he developed the highly demanded RapOetry Workshops to teach educators, artists, and entrepreneurs his creative secrets to overcoming Writer's Block, Stage Fright, Boredom, and even Self-Doubt

When not performing, hosting, or leading workshops, Self Suffice collaborates with other performers. His collaboration with Mez (of J Cole’s Dreamville/Roc Nation), produced by Young Cee, received critical acclaim ranging from RapReviews and MTV, to the Examiner and NPR. The first and only single from that album rose to the top of the independent Hip-Hop Top 40 Charts

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Adapted from an article by Melissa Lorenzo for Examiner, reposted by WNPR

Khaiim the RapOet, also known as Self Suffice, grew up in Manhattan, but has lived in Hartford for the last 10 years. Besides using his gift of word play and lyrical skills in his music, Suffice gives back to his community by organizing poetry/rap classes and workshops at Hartford schools, local libraries, and public parks. I caught up with Self Suffice and sparked up nostalgia in the rapper turned teacher, as he recalled what influenced him growing up, and the journey he went through to get him to the reputable position he's in today.

Even though he didn't realize it at the time, Suffice's parent's poetry had a heavy impact on his life. "We were poor and getting government cheese, but I was culturally rich and didn’t even realize it." "Culturally rich" is an understatement; his mother, a close friend of Alice Walker and his father, a close friend of Mumia Abu Jamal were heavy into politics and the Civil Rights movement in the 70's and 80's and their poetry expressed the racism and struggle African Americans were going through as well as advocating for equal rights. It wasn't until Suffice was about 13 years old that he understood what his parents were all about, and the importance of their efforts.

Along with poetry, Suffice was introduced to jazz and reggae and was encouraged to be a diligent student and focus on his studies. "I was a hood nerd," Suffice states as he recalls being academically gifted as he attended school with “the rich kids.” Being from the projects and attending Stuyvesant High School because of his high test scores, Suffice recalls being exposed to the “ignorance and brilliance from both sides of the fence.” Having that “nerdy” [vibe], Suffice was used to getting made fun of by peers until he turned their ridicule around when he was pulled into a cypher where he free style rapped about owning his Black intellectual identity. He gained high praise and respect from the onlookers, as well as an “awakened consciousness” that gave him a boost of confidence.

Although Self Suffice was always into poetry; writing poems and rhymes since elementary school, it wasn’t until he was in high school that he really plunged into it. He also came to the realization that society didn’t accept Hip-Hop as a form of poetry. The negative views of the art form never stopped him from expressing his life stories and his community through genuine lyrics. He never conformed to the “gangsta” rap that has always had a heavy presence in the Hip-Hop world and staying true to himself gained him respect and support from his fans when others doubted him.

While Self Suffice attended Trinity College he was heavy in the music scene and was influenced by the likes of articulate rappers such as Common and Hieroglyphics after heading to the west coast. “I came back on a mission; no one could tell me how to rap.” This attitude got him noticed by rapper Talib Kweli which set the wheels in motion for his rap career. This along with an emotional track he wrote about his deceased father on his mixtape, “So Close”, got him a lot of attention and he appeared on many compilations after that. His most recent album "Manhattan Night" is filled with conscious, eye-opening lyrics sure to revive spirits of struggling youth trying to move forward in down trodden city streets. Taking his love for Hip-Hop, talent, intelligence and an inborn gift for reaching others, Suffice started teaching rap and poetry classes to the youth of Hartford; giving back to a community plagued with the same struggles he grew up with.

You can learn more about Self Suffice the Rapoet’s work with youth organizations as well as listen to his music at www.rapOets.com. He is one of the rare positive artists from the Tristate Area that take their talent and drive to give back to the community. Support Hip-Hop and youth programs in your area by bringing out the Rapper/Poet/Panelist/Teaching Artist Self Suffice.

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Use this form to reach the RapOet for Press, Collaboration, or Booking. Fees are negotiable based on advance notice, number of events, location, etc. In addition to subsidizing Educational and Arts organizations in CT, MA, and NY, Khaiim does 1 free event every month.

You may also reach the RapOet through Twitter, Instagram, or FB Page. If this is your first time, you can get his attention faster by @mentioning him on Twitter, or leave a voice message at 866-282-1452




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